R.A.M.P.© Framework

DRIVE begins every customized support initiative by addressing the foundational challenge of ENGAGEMENT. A 2016 National Gallup poll reveals a daunting picture regarding engagement.

Unfortunately the numbers for educators are NOT any better.

With these kind of engagement numbers how can ANY initiative be successful?    It can’t. 

Need more proof? 

Check out how the student engagement numbers start to mirror that of the teachers.

Between 5th and 12th grade students hit what we call the engagement cliff and by the end of their careers nationally only about 34% of students consider themselves highly engaged in their education.

This is why DRIVE’s framework prioritizes engagement and works to transform your organization into a community of highly motivated and passionate people. The revolutionary R.A.M.P.© framework gets away from the archaic “carrot and stick” systems designed for an industrial age that no longer exists. Instead, R.A.M.P.© is based on the latest research, science and truths about what really motivates human beings and what authentically engages people as we head into the 2nd quarter of the 21st century.

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