Elevated Solutions

1. Comprehensive Climate Audit

DRIVE partners with the Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC) out of the University of California Los Angeles to provide a comprehensive needs analysis on eight unique and specific dimensions of school climate. The U.S Department of Education has accredited the survey used due to the extremely high correlation to student achievement. Improved climate also correlates to higher teacher retention, lower discipline incidents, better attendance and higher community involvement. Results of the audit are shared in an engaging and user-friendly way, empowering the school to create concrete actions steps for foundationally improving school climate.

2. Leadership Development

Research shows that, next to school climate, effective and positive leadership is THE top indicator of a successful learning community. Prospering student, teacher, administrative and community leaders are all critical for a school to maximize its fullest potential. DRIVE’s Power of Our© has been utilized to create revolutionary leadership courses designed to both ignite the passion of the leader and to empower those they lead.

3. Classroom Climate Transformation

The educational thought leaders from DRIVE are ready to assist your classroom teachers in harnessing the Power of Our© A unique blend of best practices and science based principles, the Power of Our© promotes student achievement by creating a positive culture that ignites intrinsic motivation and empowers the students to own their learning. Teacher learn practical strategies for shifting their classroom culture from a fixed to a growth mindset, from an external locus of control to an internal locus, and from a sense of isolation to a sense of belonging.

4. Transition Camps and Orientations

Acclimate your new students to your school community in a highly engaging, energizing, and inspiring way. The widespread model of multiple community schools feeding into one secondary school as well as the growing number of transient students has moved legislators to require a transition plan for all 6th and 9th grade students. DRIVE will work with your school team to create a transition camp that does more than just meet the requirement. Our camp will instill confidence and security, unite communities of learners, and build a collective unit of highly empowered students and staff ready for as successful year.

5. Whole School Transformation

DRIVE’s approach to whole school transformation differs from the typical cookie cutter programs that have proven to have minimal long term impact. The DRIVE team works in the trenches with the school to help them uncover their deepest purpose and their highest aspirational story. DRIVE then empowers all stakeholders to collaboratively develop and implement highly effective solutions based on the science of intrinsic human motivation. This approach has allowed DRIVE to have an impact from CSI schools in NC to Blue Ribbon schools in GA. From Inuit schools in the remote villages of Alaska to private schools in Miami FL. No matter who you are, where you are or where you want to be, DRIVE can help.

6. Specific PD Support Workshops

If you have uncovered a stumbling block and are not sure of the best way to proceed DRIVE is here to help you find a solution. We have created smaller, short term, highly engaging PD workshops to help ignite solutions in some high frequency areas. Like all things at DRIVE these workshops can be customized to best serve your needs but typical topics have included solutions for: lack of parent involvement, discipline disproportionality, absent community stakeholders, dysfunctional staff relationships, equity issues, disengaged staff, floundering athletic programs, poor advisor / advisee programs, subpar implementation of MTSS, RTI or PLCs.