“My teachers and school population has not only seen but continuously voice the quality of professional development from the DRIVE team. Having been a novice principal, creating a new school configuration with grade levels and concept, DRIVE has professionally pushed my teacher leaders beyond their comfort zone to really connect with their students, their colleagues, and administration. Teachers have shared that they have used their DRIVE strategies in their personal lives. You can walk the halls and hear the teachers asking themselves the relevant questions about who they want to be. We plan to work with DRIVE every year that we can in order to continue fostering an environment where student achievement is evident. If I were to be reassigned to lead another school or educational organization, the first call that I would make after signing my contract would be the DRIVE team. They are OUTSTANDING and understand what schools are like, unlike some other consultants that have not taught or don’t frequent schools on the weekly basis. If you believe your school can do better…and who doesn’t feel this way…call DRIVE.” – Nicole Holloman