We implemented DRIVE as we embarked on our inaugural year and could not have been more impressed. Our discipline data demonstrated that the connections teachers and students made had a positive effect and allowed our teachers to do what they do best. Our students and staff worked together to understand one another. We are excited to continue with Drive and take our processes to the next level.
Lindsey Skirtich Assistant Principal for Instruction May River High School

My goal for using the DRIVE principles has been to help our students become self-directed learners. We are doing this by changing adult practice when interacting with students. DRIVE has help our teachers learn to ask questions rather than telling them what to do. We are helping our students self-evaluate and make responsible decisions that lead them to being the students they want to be.
Bertha Caldwell, Principal at Alexander II National Blue Ribbon School

My first few years at SAMS, relationships were tense and there was a sense of “gotch-ya” between teachers and students. After we learned about the DRIVE Way, the school began to work on our climate and the relationships between students and teachers improved. We all worked together towards a common goal: Growth. I know my students better and I have a better understanding of their perspective and their frame of reference. As a teacher, I find myself in constant reflection: how can I change what is happening? What is my role in their behavior? How can I set my classes up for success? - Susan Butler Asheboro City Teacher of the Year 2012

Overall school climate became much more student oriented. Student growth was a major focus. DRIVE found a way to provide materials, advice and or strategies for students and teachers whenever it involved the growth of a student. Decisions about the school always included what was best for our students. Teacher morale immediately increased due to the new climate that DRIVE brought. Teachers were treated as professionals and were given opportunities to showcase their talents and skills to increase student achievement. DRIVE brought a sense of family to our school. - Corey Masterson South Asheboro Middle Teacher of the Year 2015

DRIVE’s approach to teaching and learning began first with the basic need of every student to feel CONNECTED to the school around them. DRIVE encourages relationship building that is meaningful and helps create an environment where each individual staff member feels empowered to CONTROL those things that they can in order to help students GROW. Teachers learned to focus not on the obstacles, but the solutions. - Nikki Domally, MSA, NBCT North Carolina Teaching Fellow & NC Principal Fellow 16 National Association of Student Council Regional Advisor of the Year – National Finalist

My teachers and school population has not only seen but continuously voice the quality of professional development from the DRIVE team. Having been a novice principal, creating a new school configuration with grade levels and concept, DRIVE has professionally pushed my teacher leaders beyond their comfort zone to really connect with their students, their colleagues, and administration. Teachers have shared that they have used their DRIVE strategies in their personal lives. You can walk the halls and hear the teachers asking themselves the relevant questions about who they want to be. We plan to work with DRIVE every year that we can in order to continue fostering an environment where student achievement is evident. If I were to be reassigned to lead another school or educational organization, the first call that I would make after signing my contract would be the DRIVE team. They are OUTSTANDING and understand what schools are like, unlike some other consultants that have not taught or don't frequent schools on the weekly basis. If you believe your school can do better...and who doesn't feel this way...call DRIVE. - Nicole Holloman

I would like to start off by saying that this educational leadership team is nothing shy of AMAZING! Working at a Title 1 school, ranging from Pre-K - 8th grade presents more challenges than can even be listed. However, the philosophy of the DRIVE system has helped transform our entire staff, building, and children. They come and visit our kids and host multiple workshops and professional development. Many times, that can be a drag. However, they make it so creative and fun. Everything that they use with the staff is implemented in our classrooms and has transformed our collaboration. I don't think our school would be nearly as strong, happy, and fun without the implementation and training of the Drive "way." – Rebecca Johnson

I have had a good rapport with my students for many years; however, DRIVE made me more intentional on how I deal with reluctant students. I am in a school that, in essence, was "reborn" last year with a new configuration and with new staff. We went from a grade 5-8 school to a pre-k-8 school with differing personalities. This has helped most of the staff learn how to assimilate with each other. Plus, as another reviewer stated, Jane is so entertaining. You will not be bored; that is for certain. - Ginger Garner

I will be the first to admit that I originally thought this whole idea was asinine. I felt like I was in a counseling session and it felt weird. However, I have grown to enjoy every minute of the training. I believe it has made me a better teacher and a better person. I often ask myself who do I want to be. When I notice I am not being the person I want to be, I readjust. DRIVE is not just a system to be it has become a way of life. I honestly look forward to the progression that will take place as in my classroom and my personal life as I continue with this training. By the way, Jane is hilarious!!! – Tiffany Reynolds

Five stars to Charlie and Jane at Drive Educational System. Our middle school teachers use the Take Charge curriculum to develop and foster trusting positive relationships with our students. We appreciate the on-site coaching that furthers our work of encouraging our students to take charge of their own learning. - Jill Logan

The material that is presented during these professional development sessions is amazing. Very valuable to my teaching and provides me the opportunity to look at my classroom/students/teaching differently. – Keith Weaver

DRIVE has helped our school focus on what IS POSSIBLE instead of the negative emotions DRIVE sessions have helped our staff work with the challenges of our school specifically. Charlie has met with more than one student who staff were having trouble reaching in order to help our staff reach ALL our students- not just the 'easy' ones. DRIVE sessions focus us on our present charge of education and maintaining our momentum through to the very end! Charlie and Jane have great personalities who can work with ALL staff members! -Jill DeBord NC Teaching Fellow